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Ahoy! Who want to join me on a relaxing sailing trip on a sweet catamaran sailing from island to island in Greece? The guitar is already packed!


Don't worry - you don't have to sail! You only need to have passion for an adventure & an extraordinary trip.


Athens is the perfect starting point for a trip to the Saronic Island world, located southwest of the Greek capital of culture. The region is very stable in July with warm nights, low swell and bright blue sky during the day. The Saronic Sea offers beautiful empty sandy beaches on a variety of small Mediterranean islands. We have a brand new Lagoon 380 (38ft catamaran). This boat offers plenty of space for eight people with 4 spacious bedrooms, a living room with kitchen, sofa, stereo, outdoor lounge and a trampoline to relax in the front area. A special feature of a catamaran is its stability. It wobbles very little, so you don't have to worry about seasickness! For additional fun, we'll have 2 stand-up paddle boards, snorkel sets and a projector for our favorite beach cinema.


So, join us! Together we'll explore the beautiful Saronic island world, go sailing, swimming, diving, fishing, do yoga, watch the new cinema documentary "Blown Away" in our outdoor boat cinema, soak up the sun, chat and listen to music, music, music .... I'm 110% sure - This will be a great adventure!

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Ben has been sailing, teaching, living, and working on boats for over ten years.

"I sailed around the world for almost 5 years with my buddy. On this life changing journey I met amazing people and played lots of music with local musicians and recorded a music album with over 100 musicians from all over the world (I'm a musician and sound engineer). We filmed the entire journey and our travel documentary "Blown Away" was released on 21.05.19 in German cinemas all over Germany!"

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Ben's adventure

Lisa, Sail&Fly 2019

“I've always been on boats since I was a child, but never on a sailboat. I've always wanted to do that. And to sail in addition to the opportunity to learn paragliding, it was clear that this was my trip! And it was better than expected. It was fun, crazy and unforgettable. With Ben as the captain we learned, laughed, cooked, cried and played music together. Let's do it again! Thanks Ben and the crew! ”

Frank, Sail&Fly 2019

“It was great to go new ways with the whole group and to to try new sports. Every day was new and you could never tell exactly what was going to happen. It was a great feeling to really live by the sea. The teamwork and that everyone always helps  out. You don't need much when sail. And the whole team was always in a good mood! ”

Noa, Sail&Fly 2019

What a trip! I'd never done paragliding. A real adventure :-) And even if sometimes things were a bit chaotic in the crew, our captain always remained calm, always kept his positive energy and was there for everyone at all times.