(Olivier Peyre)

What you'll do

Team up with a crew of like-minded adventurers for a true outdoor experience! Take in the sight of Brittany’s beautiful wild coast from at least 50m over ground and discover hard-to-reach locations that are only accessible by sailboat. When you’re in Brittany, the dreams running through your mind will be about flower-covered islands floating on top of the waves, terrains between heaven and earth. The natural world is wilder and richer here than everywhere else, but still welcoming to visitors.


Leave the car behind and sail towards these protected, nurturing islands. This is what getting away from it all really means.

Throughout the trip, we'll sail along the coast of Brittany on a Lagoon 380 catamaran for about 2 hours per day, and find a new island, bay and paragliding spot every day where we will then drop anchor in one of the countless, scenic anchorages, where you can easily unwind.

You'll venture far to the outer islands of the archipelago and get close to the amazing sea life in this unusual habitat, if lucky you may even catch a fish or spot dolphins or whales.

Your paragliding instructor Frederic Nabet will take you far and wide, teaching you how to use the wind for paragliding and about geology along the route.
The route will be adjusted each day based on weather conditions, but expect to explore the beauty of the Glénan Islands "the Caribbean of Brittany".

Available Trips

Your guide

Olivier Peyre

Olivier has been flying most of his life, living in the mountains, always ready for his next flight.

Already as a child it was Olivier’s dream to travel around the world. Years later, he added only a small restriction: "Zero Carbon", to move forward. Olivier Peyre's expedition lasted 7 years, he travelled 105,000 km and crossed 45 countries. With the bike for the element of earth, the sailboat for the element of water and the paraglider for the element of the wind. On his non- motorized adventure, Olivier travelled with former prisoners through the Caribbean, met Western Australia's hostilities, flew over the isolated foothills of Tibet with his paraglider, and survived an air force attack in Turkey. More on

Olivier's adventure

Lisa, Sail&Fly 2019

“I've always been on boats since I was a child, but never on a sailboat. I've always wanted to do that. And to sail in addition to the opportunity to learn paragliding, it was clear that this was my trip! And it was better than expected. It was fun, crazy and unforgettable. With Ben as the captain we learned, laughed, cooked, cried and played music together. Let's do it again! Thanks Ben and the crew! ”

Frank, Sail&Fly 2019

“It was great to go new ways with the whole group and to to try new sports. Every day was new and you could never tell exactly what was going to happen. It was a great feeling to really live by the sea. The teamwork and that everyone always helps  out. You don't need much when sail. And the whole team was always in a good mood! ”

Noa, Sail&Jam 2019

What a trip! I'd never done paragliding. A real adventure :-) And even if sometimes things were a bit chaotic in the crew, our captain always remained calm, always kept his positive energy and was there for everyone at all times.